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70% More Reach - How Is Delayed Posting Better Than Regular Posting?

70% More Reach - How Is Delayed Posting Better Than Regular Posting?

The primary task of a social networking business is to stay in touch with the audience by posting useful content. It is possible to appear in subscribers' feed systematically as you write publications, and it is possible to upload all posts in advance. The advantages of the second option will be discussed in this article.

Table of contents:

Why You Should Post Regularly

The algorithm for recruiting reach on social networks is a real headache for everyone. You can increase the number of subscribers with good old-fashioned advertising, or you can do it organically. To do this, you have to post content all the time, simultaneously.

  • Regular posting increases coverage by 30-70%, depending on posting frequency, according to POSTOPLAN, a cross-posting service.
  • The increase in sales conversions for businesses is up to 40%. 
  • Regular posting is the key to generating 74% more traffic and subscribers on social media pages.
  • POSTOPLAN calculates the savings on social media marketing with regular posting is up to 90%.

The delayed posting functionality solves regular posting issues.

What Is Delayed Posting

Deferred posting is the ability to publish content at a predetermined time automatically. This means that publications for several days or weeks are set up in one day.  

How To Configure It

There are two ways to do this: through built-in social networking tools or cross-posting services. 

On most social networks, such as Facebook and Pinterest, you can schedule content to be published using built-in tools. Such an option suits small and micro businesses, present on 1-2 platforms. 

However, Instagram does not provide such an option; in which case cross-posting services will help you. These are applications for publishing content into several social networks at once from one interface. This option is especially suitable for agencies and freelance marketers because they have to manage dozens or even hundreds of client accounts. 

Why Businesses And Agencies Need It

Advance posting is a business tool that saves money, systematizes work, and makes quality control easier, unlike posting content in a planned fashion. Business owners, agency representatives, and SMM specialists can all benefit from this feature, so here are a few other advantages of delayed posting:

  • If all posts are already scheduled, it's easier not to forget to post and not miss the best time to post content. This is a significant advantage - on Facebook and Instagram, the highest level of engagement is during the evening off hours.  

  • New posts will be released without weekend breaks, making it easier to achieve maximum user reach. On Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit, each audience is most active on weekends.

  • Don't forget about the regularity of posting content. On most social networks, it is recommended to post 1-2 posts every day. However, Twitter already advises you to post 3 posts a day, so you need to prepare about 80 publications in a month. And that's only for one account.     

  • With the need to publish 14 to 28 posts per week, scheduling your publications dramatically increases productivity. This will be especially useful for agencies and freelance marketers with their high volume of work. 
  • Deferred posting helps audiences from other time zones - it eliminates the need to log into your account after hours. 

What To Do With The Time You Have Saved

Deferred posting is a way to consolidate all the machinations of content into one task and pay more attention to other processes. Here are two ideas to pay attention to when you've already fine-tuned your publishing engine:

Working with the community and feedback. A study in the U.S. market showed 24% of respondents expect a response from a brand within 30 minutes. Another 42% will wait no more than an hour for an answer. Meanwhile, 57% of those who have ever contacted a brand expect a quick response after hours. Delayed posting frees up time for the professional to focus on responsiveness to the audience.

Content Testing. When the ultimate goal of maintaining an account is sales, regular posts may not be enough. Here, the SMM strategy should include a layer of work to test the most appropriate content. Without being distracted by the daily writing of posts, you can test subscribers' reactions to content types, rubrics, and communication styles.


  • Deferred posting is suitable for any business that regularly posts on social networks and for agencies and freelance marketers who have to work with many accounts.
  • Regular content posting increases coverage by 30-70%, conversions by 40%, and saves up to 90% of the social media promotion budget. 
  • Deferred posting is possible on most popular platforms, but you'll have to schedule posts on Instagram through third-party services. 
  • The convenience of deferred posting allows you to prioritize content planning rather than burying yourself in writing it. This makes life easier for SMM professionals and their managers.
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