Good topics to write about in 2022 – amazing blog post ideas

Good topics to write about in 2022 – amazing blog post ideas


The process of finding good blog ideas can be kind of a struggle for newbies. Beginners do not know their audience quite still, so they doubt that it would be interesting for their subscribers to read. We collected some topics to write about in 2022, which will help you start creating fascinating content. 

Table of contents:

Most popular blog topics 2022

Last year brought us some blog topics that we don't want to ever return to. However, some of them are still with us, so you can use them when looking for ideas for posts in 2022. Here are the most frequently mentioned topics of the past year:

  • Global COVID-19 pandemic: news and consequences
  • Freelance: how to get started, how to continue and maintain a work-life balance
  • Searching for a job, gaining new knowledge and competencies
  • Mental problem solving, psychology, coaching
  • The home version of fitness and sports
  • Home entertainment such as TV shows, movies, and computer games
  • Health care and proper nutrition
  • Human rights and their observance in different countries
  • Environmental issues, сlimate сhange, and sustainable development
  • Social media: impact on human behaviour and society

How to find blogging ideas

The best way to find topics to write about is to subscribe to a bunch of experts and influencers in your niche. Of course, we do not advise you to copy their content, but you can be inspired by their examples and see some post ideas that resonate with the audience. Besides, we stated below a few blog topics that will be useful to you. 

Lifestyle blog topics

Lifestyle blog posts usually are some kind of instructions for everyday life. Such bloggers just document their living, and the options can be completely different: from survival on a small amount of money in a suburban area to a wealthy life in a big city. This is a modern version of a reality show, where viewers observe the actions and choices of a stranger.

There are 10 topics to write about in your lifestyle blog:

  • How do you get your money?

Your subscribers will be interested to know how you make the means of subsistence. Tell them more about your work, especially if you are a freelance writer, artist, musician, or representative of other creative professions.

  • What do you do for fun?

Another category in your personal blog can be your hobbies. Describe in a few posts what you like to do for fun, such as travelling, board or computer gaming, writing TV series reviews, cooking, and so on.

  • The place where you live

A big topic for posts in a lifestyle blog is the blogger's habitat. Maybe you make interesting DIY decorations for it, have a couple of exciting stories about previous owners, or how you were looking for this property. Do you like your city and neighbourhood? Please share your opinion about what it lacks to get better. 

  • The people around you

Put a few posts about your friends and family in your blog, of course, if they don't mind a little publicity. The people around you will reveal you as a person to your followers and make them seem to be part of your social circle.

  • Your points of view and principles

In 2022 blog ideas are strongly tied to points of view and principles, people can subscribe or unsubscribe based on them alone. Share texts about how you are trying to switch to plant-based food, engaged in recycling, support certain movements, and so on. Write the truth, and you will gather the most loyal audience.

  • The everyday life of your pet

Сat or dog routine is the best blog idea ever! Write about how you got a pet, tell followers about its cute habits and behaviour, favourite toys and places to sleep, share funny photos and get an incredible number of reposts and saves of your content.

  • Story of your personal growth

We read blogs because we like to follow other people whose lives are often like the movies, and any good movie plot has a story development. Therefore, an excellent idea for a personal blog is the story of your personal growth, how you became what you became, what happened to you in certain stages growing up, and so on.

  • Your preferences in various fields

Personal preferences are the easiest topics to write about. You can make small lists of your favourite movies, TV shows, books, coffee shops and restaurants in your city, fashion brands that sell the best T-shirts in your opinion, and so on. This type of content will perfectly dilute your feed.

  • Share your insecurities

Now personal blogs that broadcast only the successful side of life are losing popularity. People are more interested in following those who are similar to them, who are having failures and difficulties in life the way they have. Share your insecurities with your followers, and they will give you support in the form of likes and comments.

  • The most interesting moments of each day

A lifestyle blog can not make it without content about the moments of the author’s day. This type of post should be one of the recurring topics. So share with your audience some bright flashes of your everyday life. Like shopping with friends, your grandmother's cake recipe you are going to make, passing a new game on the console, and so on.

Inspiration blog topics

Inspiration posts are also a good idea for influencers with personal blogs. Here is a list of potential topics:

  1. The must-try coworking spaces in your city after the pandemic is over
  2. Interesting ideas for filling out a bullet journal
  3. Secrets of an effective freelancer's daily routine
  4. List of the best popular psychology books
  5. List of the best books about personal growth
  6. List of inspirational blogs/podcasts/YouTube channels
  7. Your experience of sessions with a psychologist or coach
  8. The story of a celebrity with a complicated life path
  9. Some healthy habits, which have helped you get better
  10. Your experience in decluttering your apartment
  11. Insights you've learned by your age
  12. Tell the audience about your project or product, and how it has changed your life
  13. The best countries with a warm climate for wintering
  14. The importance of building friendships in adulthood
  15. Advantages of a minimalistic lifestyle
  16. Yoga asanas for complete beginners
  17. Meditation techniques that can be used in the office
  18. How to achieve success with mindfulness
  19. Signs of work burnout and how to deal with it
  20. Top 10 valuable soft skills that everybody should have
  21. Life hacks for overcoming social anxiety
  22. The most beautiful places in your country definitely worth visiting
  23. List of ideas for what to do in winter, summer, spring, and autumn
  24. Your reasons for starting and continuing to run your blog
  25. Steps to make your life more creative and interesting

Marketing blog topics

Content strategy for the business blog has to be serious and linked to a specific niche. But even here you should leave a place for storytelling. Here are some blogging ideas for such a specific topic:

  1. Tell your audience how you came up with your brand
  2. Newbie mistakes in your field that can be easily avoided
  3. A small interview with an expert on an interesting question
  4. Blog posts with questions and answers
  5. Introduce your employees to your followers
  6. Tell your subscribers about the philosophy of your brand
  7. Blog posts about features of your product
  8. Share a small piece of thematic knowledge
  9. Describe one day of your company's work
  10. Write a work-related joke and accompany it with a funny picture
  11. The importance of lifelong learning and its benefits
  12. Try to predict the future of your industry based on your experience
  13. A list of “musts” for a career in your field
  14. Tell your audience your plans related to the product
  15. How to buy/order/receive your product
  16. The real story of the customer whose life was changed by your brand
  17. Make a small text tutorial on how to use your product
  18. Share a story about one working day in your office
  19. A blog post for collaborations: what are the conditions and how to contact you
  20. Tell your audience what professional development courses your employees take
  21. Pros and cons of working in your field
  22. Rules for creating a healthy atmosphere in the team
  23. List of books that every manager should read
  24. Schedule of professional conferences in your field for the next year
  25. Checklist for launching a product similar to yours

Fashion blog ideas

The content in a fashion blog is largely concentrated on photos and videos. However, you can also create interesting text posts in this niche. Here are a bunch of examples for you:

  1. Your fashionable “yes” and “no” to the trends of the season in clothing
  2. Tips for choosing a capsule wardrobe for different seasons and lifestyles
  3. Styles in the clothing of different eras and how to use their elements nowadays
  4. Review your followers’ looks with comments about how to improve them
  5. Post about how to style a particular thing: trousers, coat, blazer, and so on
  6. Analysis of the style of a celebrity and tips on how to adopt it in a regular wardrobe
  7. Unexpected clothing combinations that look beautiful and fresh
  8. Write about slow fashion and its benefits for the environment
  9. List of brands that do not use natural fur and leather
  10. Alternatives to expensive fashion items from mass-market stores
  11. List of books about style and icons of the fashion world
  12. Things to rely on when creating a personal style
  13. What luxury brand items are worth investing in
  14. A blog post about how to remake old clothes with your own hands
  15. Wardrobe ideas inspired by movie or TV series characters
  16. A list of fashion shows worth watching for inspiration
  17. What to wear for a job interview / a friend's wedding / going to the theatre and other occasions
  18. List of clothes that are outdated and look bad
  19. The principles of combining colours in clothing
  20. Accessories you should buy to diversify your wardrobe
  21. List of fashion designers to follow on social networks
  22. How to start a career in the fashion industry as a model, designer, photographer, buyer, and so on
  23. An important topic to write about: diversity in the fashion industry
  24. Life hacks for the care and proper storage of clothing
  25. What trends in clothing from the past should we expect in the future, in your opinion

Fun stuff to write about

Your followers could use a little fun, and blogs are primarily a means of entertainment in the first place, even professional ones. So you can write blog posts like these:

  • Funny stories from life with an instructive ending
  • Memories of ridiculous failures that did not cause damage
  • Insider jokes that representatives of your niche will understand
  • Quizzes with the ability to find out the answer in the comments
  • Prank your audience and reward those who expose you first with a discount

Random blogging

In the process of creating content, you may come to spontaneous blog ideas. These can be various activities with subscribers, such as Q&A sessions in the comments, sharing stories on a specific topic, and so on. You may also want to share a thought or quote from your favourite author, a relevant list of the current Grammy nominee's favourite songs, or your reaction to today's news. Do not forbid yourself such liberties and leave room for random blogging.


What are good topics to write about in a blog?

Your blog topics should have a common outline that will combine posts and show subscribers what your blog is about in the first place. Choose two or three main theme lines on which you will build content; then your posts won't seem disjointed.

How do you write a catchy blog post?

Do not forget that even if your blog is on a serious topic, it should attract people, so try to make it enjoyable by using storytelling in your blog posts. And the service Postoplan will help you schedule your content and automatically publish it on time. This is very convenient when you need to publish a big story in your blog, consisting of several parts. You can pre-write it, then split it into several posts and put them on automatic publication in Postoplan. This way, you won't have to remember every time where you left off the storyline.

You can design posts directly in the service, accompanying them with hashtags and emojis, and see how the publication will look in the feed. Besides, after the publication, you will be able to see the comments of your Facebook subscribers in the "DM&comments" tool and respond to them here. No more switching between multiple browser tabs; all your followers will quickly get responses to their requests. Try these and other useful Postoplan features today for free.

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