We are changing our name from Postoplan to CONTENIVE and updating our domain and logo

We are changing our name from Postoplan to CONTENIVE and updating our domain and logo

When we started out, we focused on scheduled posting on social media and messengers as our primary product. Although it is an active market with hundreds of competitors, we were successfully managing to grow and make money. Since our launch, we have received, and continue to receive, dozens of awards and prizes from different independent resources and experts around the world.

However, something caught our attention – our clients stop using the service because they have nothing to post. Month after month, a person might be publishing whatever they can and want – everything is fine. Then they run out of ideas since everything they can think of has already been posted, and they start using the service less often. More than 60% of clients stopped using our service for a single reason – they had nothing to post.

We noticed this problem and tried to solve it. For example, we came up with daily post ideas in the calendar, which improved the situation but not as much as we had hoped. 

We had always sought to create an automated system that would allow convenient content publishing on social media and messengers. But it turns out that our clients want to avoid the content creation process entirely. 

For that reason, we have been so bold as to upgrade our social media management service to an all-inclusive solution that covers the whole cycle of running a business profile – from ideation right through to data analysis.

CONTENIVE isn't just about creating content for social media. We are happy to undertake every aspect of business profile maintenance, allowing business owners to clear their heads and recharge their batteries instead of, let's say, spending hours on the phone with some agency that doesn't even seem to have any experience in creating content for their type of business.

The current scheduled posting service will remain active, but the current domain, postoplan.com, will be transferred to a new one, contenive.com, within the month. After much thought and analysis, we concluded that the current name wouldn't fully reflect our new direction. We hold it dear, but we need to move on, and, to avoid confusing our users, we are changing our name.

Old - Postoplan


Previous domain - postoplan.com 

New domain - contenive.com


The company logo will also change.



I’m certain that this transformation will benefit all our current clients and will allow our new clients to get real results from their presence on social media.

CEO, Alex Bogins

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