Sendible or its alternative POSTOPLAN?

Every year the popularity of SMM channels is growing more and more. Marketers at large companies have long been using social media to implement their strategies. Promotion through social networks and messengers is actively used by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed people, bloggers, and other users whose audience is on these sites.

All large-scale work carried out by SMM specialists cannot be done manually. The situation is facilitated by the services of automatic and deferred posting. For example, consider the Sendible application and its alternative, POSTOPLAN. We have made an overview of these sites for you with a comparative description of some of the functional features.

Supported platforms

With Sendible, professionals can schedule posts, maintain reports and analytics, measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, track brand mentions and perform some other functions on the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business.

POSTOPLAN, an alternative to Sendible, offers the same features but a broader list of supported platforms (excluding YouTube and Pinterest). Among them you will find:

  • the three most popular social networks Instagram/Facebook/Twitter;
  • platforms LinkedIn, WordPress, Slack, Google My Business;
  • the messengers Telegram and WhatsApp.

As you can see, Sendible does not support work in messengers, while the alternative POSTOPLAN service works with two popular communication resources at once, the number of users of which is measured in millions and billions.

In addition, it should be noted that POSTOPLAN is currently the only service in the world offering posting services in WhatsApp.

Sendible cost and its POSTOPLAN alternatives

An important criterion when choosing an automatic posting service for many specialists is the cost of services for a certain set of functions. By this parameter, POSTOPLAN, as an alternative to Sendible, is also in a winning position.

POSTOPLAN offers its users a free 7-day trial.

The cost of the Start plan is $ 1.9, and the Business plan is $ 6.9 per month.

Sendible does not offer free use. Users have access to a trial period of 14 days and 4 paid plans with a subscription payment method. The minimum pricing plan will cost $49 per month.

Content ideas from the service

While not the main function, it is very convenient and useful, greatly facilitating the work of SMM specialists. The Sendible service and many other similar services do not provide any opportunity like this, so you will have to come up with the entire content plan yourself.

But the Sendible alternative is more practical, as it has a publication calendar that contains over 700(!) news feeds. You can take it as the basis of a content plan or use the proposed ideas as needed.

Service design customization

Sendible does not provide this functionality. Its alternative POSTOPLAN, on the contrary, offers users the ability to customize the service design on their own. For this, the developers have prepared 9 ready-made themes to choose from that can be changed according to your needs.

Other features and services from Sendible and its POSTOPLAN alternatives:

Service/functionality Sendible POSTOPLAN
  Number of users (min pricing plan–max pricing plan)
Number of users (min pricing plan–max pricing plan)
2–15 ($22.25–$ 28.43/1 additional user)
Start – 1 user;

Business – unlimited
  Scalability in buying social media accounts (restrictions: min pricing plan—max pricing plan)
Scalability in buying social media accounts (restrictions: min pricing plan—max pricing plan)
Ability to buy any number of accounts for a Business subscription
  Interface languages
Interface languages
English, Swedish, Chinese, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish, French, Persian, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Arabic, Czech, Japanese, Slovak, Italian, Hebrew
Czech, German, English, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi

Summary of the review

So, what to choose to work comfortably without overpaying? The bottom line is obvious: in terms of the cost of services, Sendible loses significantly to its alternative.

The POSTOPLAN service gives SMMs the opportunity to work completely free of charge for an unlimited amount of time while still using many functions that most competing services are presented only on a paid basis.

We’d like to add that the automated marketing platform in social networks and messengers POSTOPLAN is constantly being improved towards further development for the most convenient user experience and high labor productivity.